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ADA (Australian Defence Apparel) has been in business for more than 100 years. Time has indeed tested and honed us into the innovative, responsive company that we are today.

We may make uniforms, but our work is all about the individual. No two organisations want or need the same thing delivered the same way, so the integrated business solutions we devise are unique to each client’s needs.

The people who choose to work in the Emergency Services sector, and in particular firefighting agencies, know that at times they may risk injury, but the risk is mitigated by effective protective clothing & equipment – and that’s where ADA is proud to play such a vital role.

Protection from hazards is the overwhelming priority in uniform design, but not at the expense of functionality and comfort. ADA balances this mix to provide each client with the best possible solution for their uniform needs.

“At ADA we believe any job is easier in the right uniform”

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