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Exclusive distributor of leading-edge European professional protective suits used globally by maritime, military tactical operations, aviation incidence response teams, emergency services, helicopter transfers, offshore personnel, survival, search-and-rescue, and more.

Constant wear immersion suits and diving drysuits from URSUIT built to EN/ ISO standards for above water and underwater, customisable to individual client specifications, including:

  • Solas fire fighter intervention suits, ideal for offshore facilities, supply vessels, bulk carriers, oil & LPG tankers, commercial vessels, container and load vessels
  • Over water flying suits for maritime incidence response teams
  • Rescue swimmer immersion suits for swift water rescue operations
  • Diving drysuits for search & rescue and public safety response teams
  • Flame retardant anti-static lifejackets
  • Fall-arrest lifejackets
  • Passenger and crew ETSO lifejackets with integrated emergency breathing system

Exclusive AU distributor of unparalleled performance POSEIDON SWEDEN breathing systems trusted by US Navy and Deutsche Bundeswehr: the sole superior dry-breathing Emergency Breathing System (EBS), full face mask, regulators, rebreathers.

Certified service centre and warranty repair facility, Altalena provides the highest standard in drysuit servicing with state-of-the-art machinery and techniques. Offering highly experienced maintenance and repair of specialised diving and breathing equipment, as well as technician training capabilities.