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Axon is making significant strides in digital public safety technology and with continuous innovations in our solutions and products we are helping public safety agencies simplify their workflows and drive savings with seamless integration.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology from Smart Weapons, like our TASER devices, to police body cameras and digital evidence management systems, every product works together as a single network: Our camera portfolio includes live streaming and real time alerts from the field using body-worn devices. Body camera footage also offers officials an unprecedented view into fire responses, allowing for better training.

With our paperless workflows, intelligent redaction tools, and evidence and case management solutions, you can accelerate time-consuming tasks and keep focused on what needs to be done.

The Axon network of people, devices and apps protects your people and saves lives, it assists and helps firefighters in spending more time on the field and it builds consensus around the benefits of new technology and why it’s needed to better protect your community.

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