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BIA5 is an Australian company specialising in turning technology ideas into first responder capabilities. Reducing the risk to responders while providing a solution to take action in high-risk situations.

The ATR FIRE provides a firefighting solution overcoming exclusion zones of up to 300m and inspections beyond 1km. Our all-terrain unmanned ground vehicles are engineered and built in Australia.

BIA5’s advanced tracked system provides superior performance over varied terrain and in unstructured environments. The ATR FIRE offers remote monitor control with variable flow rates and jet, stream, fog control for water and foam suppression. Electro-optical and thermal cameras with integrated pan and tilt control for hotspot detection and inspection tasks. Controlled through a secure integrated, simple to use single controller the operator has the ability to safely apply their firefighting skillset remotely.

Additional integration of sensor payloads including gas monitoring, SLAM Lidar, robotic arm for render safe operations available. Remote monitoring over 4G.

BIA5 offer on-site training and platform support and maintenance. Our mission is to work with and alongside end-users to ensure our technology improves operations reducing risk and operational downtime.

Respond rapidly. Respond safely.

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