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Cimara empowers agencies to plan, connect and engage a large workforce in real-time, enabling staff to manage incidents, resources, events, roster and internal communications in one central platform.
Main features include:

• Apply business rules for crew allocation in vehicles, fatigue monitoring and equipment handling.
• Complex rostering made simple with a long list of features such as work and role pattern creation, roster conflict alerts, advance list filter and copy/paste to cell, to name a few.
• Plan large service operations, organise events, schedule group training sessions, assign and deploy resources with system-wide real-time updates.
• Manage personnel availability, view roster updates and engage in two-way communication with all members via the Cimara Workforce Connect mobile app. Available for install in both iOS and Android smart devices.
• Allocate workforce resources such as people, equipment, and vehicles to a roster or incident plan while considering their availability, qualifications, and other business rules.
• Add members into groups, assign qualifications, set their access level and enter other personnel details such as their dietary requirements.
• Third-party API integration support such as Single Sign-On.
• Give agencies complete control of their reporting and export all available data in a custom CSV format.

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