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Coulson Aviation Australia is an Australian company with global partnerships, employing local people.

Coulson Aviation Australia provides all airside management for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service-owned 737 FIRELINER, two Bell 412 helicopters, and two Cessna Citations.

As a subsidiary of global company Coulson Aviation, Coulson Aviation Australia also supports Australian States in the provision of heavy aircraft and experienced team members.

With its global reach and focus on innovation in technology, Coulson Aviation is the only aerial firefighting operator in the world to operate both large fixed-wing air tankers and large rotary-wing aircraft.

The company’s operations include aerial, fire intelligence, emergency personnel transport, and heavy lift operations.

Coulson is the first and only aerial firefighting company in the world to modify Boeing 737 commercial airliners into airtankers.

It has recently been approved in Australia to undertake NVG operations using the CH-47D after proven success in California, and following more than five years with NVG in Victoria with the Sikorsky S-61 large helitankers.

Operating in Australia for almost 20 years, Coulson Aviation has provided aerial support during times of crisis, including during the Victorian 2009 Black Saturday bushfires and the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires.

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