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Proudly Australian Made and Owned, Crusader Hose is a world-leading manufacturer of layflat hose in Melbourne for over 36 years.

Our layflat hose is used for fire, bore water pumping, travelling irrigators, potable water bypass, fuel, and mine dewatering applications.

Our product range has expanded to include large diameter layflat fire hose and reeling systems.

Moving large volumes of water quickly and efficiently can be achieved using our 152 mm extruded layflat hose which comes in lengths up to 200 m and is supplied on reels. We also have the engineering capability to manufacture a large range of reels for ease of hose deployment and retrieval.

Our Rapier, Centurion, Excalibur, Cavalier and Sabre fire hoses are the popular choices. Assemblies available with couplings to suit your requirements, tested and certified for peace-of-mind pumping.

We also have invested in state-of-the-art percolating technology for forestry and bush fire fighting applications.

We appreciate all your support in keeping jobs and developing skills within Australia.

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P: +61 3 9720 1100

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