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Elecbrakes is an Australian owned company that designs and manufactures a revolutionary electric brake controller used for towing trailers. Instead of hard-wiring into the vehicle, Elecbrakes is mounted to the draw bar of the trailer, providing a cost-saving and flexible towing solution for the emergency services sector.

Based on the NSW Central Coast, Elecbrakes began life as the passion project for two individuals working out of a garage. As of 2022 that number of employees has grown to over 26 on the back of the company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

That core ethic of innovation can be seen in the Elecbrakes electric brake controller itself. Trailers equipped with the unit have the ability to be simply and seamlessly towed by multiple vehicles. This innovation provides the ability for any tow capable vehicle in a fleet to tow a trailer.

In a sector that demands reliability and responsivity under critical conditions, Elecbrakes is committed to delivering solutions that take the complexity out of towing and let workers focus on what really matters.