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EMERG is a dynamic company of highly respected and experienced individuals specialising in Aviation, Risk and Emergency Management across all hazards.

EMERG has extensive knowledge and experience and builds Capability, Resilience and Capacity through a diverse range of products.

EMERG offers a complete range of consulting services, nationally accredited training courses, mentoring programs, property risk analysis and many other services in the fields of all hazard’s emergency & incident management, recovery and strategic planning. All of our quality training, consulting, mentoring, leadership and knowledge sharing services are completely tailored to your individual needs.

We’ve seen first-hand the destruction that bushfires and other disasters can cause, and our mission is to assist agencies, property owners, businesses and communities to become more prepared to manage emergency events across all hazards.

EMERG provides support and assistance to the Emergency Management Industry, Government, Corporate and Private clients by “Learning from yesterday – Empowering Tomorrow


  • Professional consultancy services for fire and land management
  • Incident and Emergency Management consultation
  • Fixed and Rotary wing services and consultation
  • Training and assessment in fire and emergency
  • management and ancillary skills.
  • Bushfire risk assessments
  • Bushfire fuel, risk and asset management planning
  • AIIMS and BWA licensed training

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