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For more than 60 years, Estambril International has been developing high-quality textiles. Today our product range of woven and knitted inherent flame-resistant fabrics and our selection of knitted garments, are a first choice for military professionals and first responders who rely on their personal protective equipment to keep them safe. As a member of the DuPontTM Nomex® Partner Program, we have privileged access to DuPont fibre innovation and technical expertise.

KARVIN ™ fabric from Estambril International offers protection not only from direct fire but also from radiant heat, electric arc and flash fires. Available in woven and knit, the fabric is well suited for wildland firefighters, oil and gas industrial workwear and military applications. KARVIN™ fabric is made from inherent flame retardant and antistatic fibres. Using meta-aramid Nomex®, para-aramid Kevlar® and viscose Lenzing™ FR ensures that the fabric offers inherent flame protection for the life of the garment. The protective properties cannot be removed by either washing or abrasion.

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