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FireMapper is the complete solution for efficiently capturing, distributing, and interpreting critical operational information, proudly serving emergency service agencies throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

FireMapper is intuitive and easy to use, allowing emergency service personnel to collaboratively produce a detailed, accurate map of an incident. Maps are automatically shared through the cloud between users and available when offline.

FireMapper provides a suite of standard symbology sets, with integrated workflow, covering points and lines used throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. FireMapper can embed photos within observations, representing the direction the photo was taken and other important information.

Our subscriptions allow users to share a common set of maps, as well as real-time tracking of appliance and user locations. Maps can be created and synchronised with features including points, lines polygons and photo observations. Each user can customise the suite of feature symbology used, with sets that cover assets, incidents, wildfire operations, search and rescue, urban operations, pre-incident planning, impact assessment and fire investigation.

FireMapper seamlessly integrates over 60 incident and information data sources from agencies across Australia and New Zealand, enhancing situational awareness. A variety of topographic map formats are also included, customised for each brigade subscription based on their state and area of operations.

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