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FLAIM developed the world’s first multi-sensory immersive learning solution for firefighters to safely and cost-effectively replicate the stress and uncertainty of real-world emergency situations.

Dr. James Mullins founded and pioneered the development of FLAIM at Deakin University, in collaboration with NASA, NTT and HTC. FLAIM’s solutions incorporate a unique combination of fire science modelling, kinesthetics and virtual learning environments, making its products amongst the most advanced immersive training solutions in the world.

Economically recreating low frequency, high risk hazards in safe learning environments is at the core of FLAIM’s product offering, serving customers across Fire & Rescue, Workplace Safety and Defence. Both FLAIM Trainer™ and FLAIM Extinguisher™ are delivered in 25 languages and are part of fire training education for nearly 200 customers across 30 countries. They are now supported by FLAIM Capture™, a cloud services platform built to record, manage and analyse training data easily. Organisations can receive more valuable insights from training sessions, with the ability to track micro-level learning events. This enables them to measure skill development, improved performance outcomes and report on compliance.

FLAIM looks forward to showcasing its innovative training solutions at AFAC22 and is a proud major sponsor of the adjacent Institution of Fire Engineers National Conference – President’s Dinner.

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