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HAIX is a specialist in functional footwear and clothing with a worldwide reputation. Wherever people need high-performance equipment that won’t let them down, HAIX is the first choice – for firefighters and rescue services, for police and military, and in construction. Because heroes wear HAIX.

In the 1990s, HAIX has revolutionized the market, when it developed completely new, functional leather firefighting boots. Since then, HAIX has been continuously revolutionizing the firefighting boot withinnovative systems and safety features.

HAIX produces exclusively in Europe. When a HAIX shoe says “Made in Europe”, the company guarantees that it was 100% manufactured in Europe. To this end, HAIX operates modern production facilities in Germany and Croatia, where it can closely monitor working conditions and product quality to enforce the highest standards. Because at HAIX, “Made in Europe” is not only a promise of quality, but also a commitment to fair working conditions, greater sustainability, and the European values.

To further ensure highest quality, HAIX operates its own test laboratory. There, the company puts all materials and products through their paces to not only meet the prescribed standards, but to exceed them as far as possible – for even more quality, safety and comfort.