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At Hidrive, our purpose is simple: to enable mobile workforce efficiency.

Our pride in Australian manufacturing excellence, and our commitment to quality, has seen us maintain control over all aspects of design, manufacture and installation of Hidrive service bodies for light commercial vehicles and light trucks, as well as a range of modular Hidrive accessories. The result is one of the lightest, yet toughest and most reliable mobile workspaces available, built to last in some Australia’s most diverse conditions; from suburban Western Sydney, to the red dirt corrugations of the Pilbara region.

It all starts with understanding, and for the team at Hidrive that means deeply understanding the needs of our customers. Every one of our clients has a diverse job to be done, a unique set of challenges, and a different combination of tools to carry. Our mission is to understand these challenges, to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the job to be done so that we deliver a tailored solution for you, the mobile service technician.

This means better. Better workforce mobility, better service fleets, better people, better jobs, better customers, better business.

Are you ready for better? We are.