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The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Australia is a partnership of the National Council for fire and emergency services, AFAC, and Fire Protection Association Australia representing the fire protection industry. The Coalition is supported by industry partners.

The HFSC contributes to the protection of Australian communities from the impact of home fires and supports the sustainability of the built environment through six key influencing strategies:

  • Advocacy – Advocate the cost-effective benefits of home fire sprinklers to influence changes to consumer sentiment, building codes, legislation and industry adoption.
  • Education – Educate the community, industry, governments and fire services about the life-saving benefits of installing home fire sprinklers.
  • Research – Establish a research agenda for home fire sprinklers to better understand consumer behaviour and expectations, building risk and environmental benefits.
  • Capability and capacity building – Develop and provide training, competencies and incentive schemes to support industry adoption of home fire sprinklers.
  • Technical Advice – Develop and provide tools, guidance and evidence to support the community, industry, governments and fire services to better understand and adopt home fire sprinklers.
  • Standard-setting – Support and develop minimum standards for home fire sprinkler systems to ensure product conformity and build consumer and industry confidence.

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