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Kinder Australia can “Kill The Spill” with their newest safety product, K-Magnaseal. Rapid and simple to apply, this sealing solution protects the responder by minimising direct contact and exposure with leaking hazardous materials. K-Magnaseal is manufactured from unique and patented rare-earth magnets and urethane. Strong and flexible, this combination protects the magnet from direct heat, cracking, rusting, sparking, leading to other potential dangers. It can withstand 25 psi of pressure and temperature resistance of 200° C. It is available as a Leak Patch or Drain Cover, and there is a range of sizes and thicknesses. As well as minimising human exposure to the leaking chemical, it also protects against catastrophic environmental exposure and loss of valuable product.

Response Kits at any site are sure to be enhanced with the addition of a K-Magnaseal in its insulated carry case. It takes up little space, for big peace of mind. For 35 years, Kinder Australia have been industry leaders in Experience, Innovation and Productivity. With a knowledgeable team of Field Application Specialists/Engineers, they have addressed and provided solutions to environmental issues such as dust emission, as well as combatting OHS hazards for a wide range of sites and materials.

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