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Noetic is an Australian owned consulting firm that has worked with emergency services since 2004. We partner with organisations to deliver positive outcomes for the Australian public, supporting the strategic, operational, and tactical requirements across Commonwealth, State, and Territory governments. We take pride in our work, our people and the solutions we deliver. 

Our signature is Better Consulting.  

We provide lasting impact and true value for the public through a more considered and tailored approach. We aim for better consulting that is curious, sustainable, critical and evolving. 

Noetic’s better consulting services for the Emergency Services sector include: 

  • Lessons Learnt, Review and Evaluation 
  • Building Resilience Program 
  • Operational Performance Enhancement 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Doctrine and Operational Procedure Writing 

 We believe better consulting is curious. We explore with you, to not only do things differently but to do different things. We understand better consulting is sustainable. We deliver outcomes that will last and allow for growth. We think better consulting is critical. We always challenge assumptions and seek innovative ways because we value being better, together. We know better consulting is evolving. We recognise the change you experience and come prepared for what is next. We empower you to take advantage and grow. 

We’re looking forward to discussing how we can help you do better. Ask us about our building resilience program!

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