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Optus Satellite and Space is Australia’s leading satellite provider and has the largest fleet of satellites servicing Australia and New Zealand, with five satellites currently in geostationary orbit, and more than 35 years of experience in the satellite and space sector.

Optus is the only telecommunications network provider in Australia to own and operate its own fleet of satellites and is the only operator in Australia to provide 100% network coverage through our terrestrial mobile network and satellite services.

In July 2020, Optus announced a new, software-defined Very-High Throughput (VHTS) satellite set for launch in 2023: OPTUS 11. The game-changing satellite is fully configurable in space, meaning its location, coverage, bandwidth and capacity can be changed in orbit as customer demands evolve – where traditional satellites are limited by on-ground configurations that cannot be altered after launch.

OPTUS 11 will also have the ability to provide tracking spot beam coverage for aircraft and vessels within the satellite’s footprint. Service performance will also increase, providing improved mobility services for those travelling (land, sea or air) or for emergency services or first responders (for example, during bushfire seasons, floods or other emergency situations).

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