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ORAFOL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of retroreflective materials, which are used for all types of application where safety and visibility in low light conditions is of vital importance. The most important markets include permanent and temporary traffic control systems, vehicle conspicuity and personal safety.

The broad product range that we supply to the emergency service sector globally is an integral part of our business. The retroreflective materials from ORAFOL include all relevant grades of reflectivity, whereas both prismatic and glass bead-based products are available. We work each day with a dedication grounded by our knowledge that the quality of our products helps save lives.

That’s why ORAFOL offers only the highest performance reflective materials for marking and graphic applications for the Emergency Services fleets livery. Because of these materials’ quality, durability, and ease of application, they have become the preferred choice for many of the largest fire, police and ambulance services worldwide.

Engineered to Save Lives™

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