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PACER POWER is an Australian industrial lighting manufacturer and importer that has been supporting industries such as emergency services, construction, and mining for over 12 years. We pride ourselves on “keeping the lights on” for all our clients and see lighting and stored power (whether that is torches, floodlights, area lights and other emerging technologies) as integral to all first responders and emergency services.

Our business ethos is one of continuous improvement, so as an expert in the lighting industry, we always strive to transfer our knowledge to help our clients meet their business needs. Our methodology to delivering the right solution for our clients reflects our business model, which involves actively collaborating in projects, to ensure our clients settle for nothing less than what they desire.

PACER POWER has long-standing and enduring business partnerships with manufacturers, component makers, engineers, and service technicians all over the world. This model places the best expertise and experience at the right stage. Whether the requirement is for LED torches, intrinsically safe lighting, or area and floodlights, with our brands such as TOP GUN and SCANGRIP, we are exceptionally confident that PACER POWER has the right lighting solution to meet your needs.

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