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For more than 50 years, Paratech has been combining innovative design with cutting edge technology to provide the highest quality and most user-friendly tools available for rescue and beyond. From the world’s most advanced collapse support solutions of some of the world’s strongest forcible entry tools, Paratech makes technical rescue operations simpler, safer and more productive. New for 2021 Paratech introduces the Rescue Guardian. The most advanced load vibration and incline monitoring device available.

Our product lines are comprised of Rescue Support Systems, MAXIFORCE® Air Lifting Bags, the MULTIFORCE® Air Lifting Bag, Powered Impact Tools, Forcible Entry Tools, Rescue Air Cushions, and the ultimate collection of essential Paratech products… the SMT™ … Special Mission Tender equipped specifically for either urban search and rescue or trench rescue, both are loaded with all of the necessary Paratech tools needed for technical rescue.

Paratech products are extensively used by fire departments worldwide including, but not limited to: all major U.S. cities, Copenhagen, Tokyo, London, Lyon, Madrid, Singapore and Istanbul. In addition, they have been selected by disaster agencies in the United States, Denmark, Japan, United Kingdom and Turkey as the standard for their rescue teams and technical rescue caches.

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