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RedEye Apps is a Brisbane based technology company that empowers asset owners and critical infrastructure operators to drive more value from their operations.

Digitising asset documents and drawings in a searchable, single source of truth, RedEye DMS has helped transform the way our customer’s teams operate.

Our new offering, RedEye Bushfire Management Platform and BurnSafe, are world-first protection technologies that, unlike anything on the market, focuses on a time-centric approach to bushfire risk mitigation and management steps for Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery with an underlying goal; to help asset owners and critical infrastructure operators safeguard against the impacts of bushfires and protect against loss of life.

Integrating a science-based approach with relevant high-definition data and powerful technologies including simulation, spatial data mapping, long-term and forecast weather products, analytics and machine learning, we empower asset owners and critical infrastructure operators to plan and protect assets, communities, sacred sites and natural areas, against the disastrous effects of bushfire with precise data modelling, specific to a defined area, that enables evidence-based decision making.

RedEye digitises best practice bushfire prevention, preparedness and response tools into a suite of cloud and mobile applications for asset owners, government departments and applied fire users.

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