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For over 60 years Rosenbauer`s vehicles and equipment have been serving Australian and New Zealand emergency industry and its professionals. Since 2017, Rosenbauer continues to do so directly thought is Brisbane, Queensland based office.

For over 150 years, the name has been synonymous with significant innovations and ground-breaking technology and as a worldwide leader in technology and services for defensive firefighting and disaster control. The company sets new benchmarks in the manufacture of all types of fire fighting vehicles, extinguishing systems and PPE. Rosenbauer offers fully integrated solutions individually tailored to each authority’s needs and supports you through complex projects.

Most of our employees are themselves, experienced firefighters. That is why they know what’s important in operation. With Rosenbauer, you talk expert-to-expert, right from the start. This know-how is what produces customized firefighting vehicles that are perfectly adapted to your requirements. The modern operating environment is increasingly more complex than ever before and will continue to challenge the response capabilities of the emergency services into the future. As a solutions provider, Rosenbauer sees it as its mission to provide answers to these challenges.

When it comes to preparedness, Rosenbauer is already designing the firefighting vehicles of tomorrow – today.

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