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SBH Solutions has a focus on providing efficient heating solutions to customers all over Australia.

We are pleased to have partnered with Italian manufacturer Star Progetti to promote their large range of short-wave infrared heaters. Short-wave infrared is the most effective means of spot heating otherwise impossible to heat open spaces, whether outdoors or inside.

At AFAC 2022 we will be demonstrating the Hypothermsave® emergency services infrared heater, designed with the German rescue services to provide a means of maintaining body warmth of casualties and rescue workers during emergency situations.

We will also demonstrate Titan and Heliosa® short-wave infrared heaters ideal for spot heating indoor areas in emergency services stations, workshops and assembly areas to keep people warm without wasting heat.

These amazing heaters work so well because short-wave infrared does not directly heat the air but instead radiates off surfaces and people – high radiant efficiency allows relatively low power demand yet higher and instant heating effectiveness.

Please come by Stand 388 to experience short-wave infrared – there’s nothing like it for instantaneous comfort heating!

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