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Scania is a global leader in the provision of safe and secure cab/chassis for firefighting equipment. And the release in 2018 of an all-new Scania CrewCab raised the safety benchmark even higher.

The four-door bodyshell is all-steel and has been crash and impact tested, exceeding the tough European and Swedish safety standards.

Uniquely equipped with an industry-leading side curtain rollover airbag fitted at every door, Scania is providing fire brigades across the world with the safest transport for their members when an emergency calls.

Add in the traditional safety features such as driver airbag, electronic stability control and ABS disc brakes, and the new advanced emergency braking system, increased interior space and improved visibility and the New Truck Generation Scania provides you with the safest working environment possible.

We keep you safe, while you keep us safe.

The Scania New Truck Generation CrewCab is available to order in Euro 5 or Euro 6, with 5- or 6-cylinder power, and any axle configuration you require.

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