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We make communities safer in remote and unpowered areas by providing the only surveillance, warning and safety solution that can spot a problem, make a decision and take an action – without a cabled connection.

We provide solar and battery-powered platforms that connect wirelessly to the internet and can go almost anywhere outdoors. Using edge and cloud computing, visual artificial intelligence and the IoT to help organisations Sense, Think and Act. Spectur platforms solve problems that are unsafe, uneconomic or impractical for people to fill, including safety & warning, remote communications, security & surveillance and more.

Our in-house research, development and manufacturing teams continue to create innovative hardware and software applications giving our customers the benefits of future-proofed, increasingly useful platforms. Our technology is uniquely flexible, programmable, and expandable.

Spectur platforms and solutions are your trusted Sentinels that can:

Sense – using cameras and other sensors either attached or remote from the core platforms;

Think – interpret images and other sensor data, using edge and cloud AI from Spectur or other 3rd parties; and

Act – in a variety of ways including onsite alarms, internet or App alerts, lights, VOIP Phones, switching and other applications.