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Stedfast is a world leader in manufacturing value-added laminated and coated textiles serving the specification needs of Industrial, medical, protective clothing and military applications. Stedfast has multiple facilities in Canada and the USA, equipped with the latest technology and operated by a team of highly skilled chemical engineers and technicians.

Stedair® Waterproof Breathable technologies and Stedfast’s coated fabrics offer new levels of protection and comfort as a consequence of superior technologies which meet stringent specifications.

Stedair® moisture barriers are designed specifically for fire and rescue service personnel and are critical in preventing the transmissions of liquids from the outside of fire fighter personal protective clothing
(PPC) to the skin. Moisture barriers also provide protection from common chemicals, bacteriophages and viruses. Stedair® moisture barriers exhibit exceptional durability and breathability (Ret) ratings which go above and beyond the AS/NZS 4967 specifications set for fire fighting protective clothing. Certified products include Stedair® 3000e, Stedair® 3000d, Stedair® 3000d lightweight, Stedair®Golde and Stedshield® FR.

Our particulate blocking technology Stedair® Prevent provides 99.9% protection against particulates even after extreme washing, with no compromise on comfort. Stedair® Prevent is breathable and air permeable increasing protection without increasing thermal burden.

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