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The Department for Environment and Water aims to help South Australians conserve, sustain and prosper. It delivers this through:

  • Managing national parks, botanic gardens and heritage places for their intrinsic value and for people’s benefit and enjoyment now and into the future
  • Being an authority on the state’s environment and natural resources, helping community, industry and government make good long-term decisions
  • Driving the sustainable development of South Australia’s natural resources and heritage, to deliver economic prosperity and vibrant and healthy society

DEW has a range of roles and responsibilities in relation to hazard, risk and emergency management including:

  • Delivering bushfire mitigation activities on public lands under its care and control, and also on high-risk areas of private land through the South Australian Government’s Burning on Private Land Program
  • Operating as the largest Group of Brigades in the South Australian Country Fire Service, comprising about 500 brigade members to support bushfire response and suppression
  • Role of Flood Hazard Leader under the State Emergency Management Plan, responsible for state-wide leadership, alignment and coordination to improve community safety and resilience
  • Role of Mapping Functional Support Group under the SEMP, responsible for providing timely, accurate and integrate spatial information and incident mapping products to support emergency response
  • Leading on climate change strategic risk
  • Supporting the Coast Protection Board