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Virtual Simulation Systems develops new and custom solutions to suit military and civilian simulation needs. We offer an innovative range of synthetic training products and are constantly developing new technologies to meet cost-effective outcomes.

VSS designs and builds custom simulators, full procedural or part task trainers to suit any needs and within any budget. Our range of Commercial Off The Shelf simulators are modular and can be combined or customised in many ways.

For AFAC22, VSS is exhibiting a number of products. Firstly, for the firefighting community, the Aerial Fire Co-ordination Training System (AFCTS).

The AFCTS is designed specifically to assist in the training of Air Attack Supervisors and Observers. Able to be configured as either a Rotary Wing or Fixed Wing system, the VSS bespoke software provides the capability for Supervisors or Observers to control and monitor all Airborne assets above or required on the fire ground.

Additionally for other first responders, we have our latest additions to our Helicopter training solutions, the Portable Aircrew Training System (PATS) and the VSS Hoist Module. Both systems are used individually or as combined solutions in the training of Aircrew for Hoisting operations and other crewman roles.